32-bit MCU and IEEE802.15.4 transceiver for low-power wireless networks

NXP provide a complete solution for the development of IEEE802.15.4-based wireless network systems (including ZigBee Smart Energy, ZigBee Light Link, JenNet-IP and RF4CE), incorporating all the necessary hardware and software components. Our JN51xx microcontrollers provide the optimum hardware platform around which wireless network nodes can be designed, combining high-performance processing and radio communications.

Key features and benefits

  • Ultra-low-power MCU together with an IEEE802.15.4-compliant radio tranceiver
  • Enhanced 32-bit RISC processor for high performance and low power
  • On-chip Flash RAM and EEPROM for storage of application, networking stack and software libraries
  • Low-current solution for long battery-life
  • Standard-power and high-power modules
  • Software Developer's Kit (SDK)
  • Evaluation kit
  • Selection of networking stacks including JenNet-IP and ZigBee
  • Diverse application portfolio

Key applications

  • Smart lighting
  • Asset management
  • Building control
  • Smart energy
  • Home automation
  • Remote control
  • Healthcare
  • Security
  • Environment

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Descriptive summary

JN51xx wireless microcontrollers

Our state-of-the-art JN51xx wireless microcontrollers place us at the forefront of developments in wireless technology. They provide the basis for cutting-edge wireless networking solutions in a diverse range of fields, including Smart Energy, Smart Lighting and the 'Internet of Things'. The JN51xx microcontrollers provide the optimum hardware platform for wireless network nodes, integrating a high-performance CPU and a 2.4 GHz radio transceiver on a single chip targeted at IEEE802.15.4-based solutions. This hardware is complemented by comprehensive support software (based on established networking protocols such as JenNet-IP, ZigBee Light Link, ZigBee Smart Energy and ZigBee Remote Control) and other collateral to streamline product development and minimise time-to-market.


The JenNet-IP protocol combines IEEE802.15.4-based wireless network technology and the Internet Protocol (IP) to achieve integration between the two domains, providing a solution for the wireless 'Internet of Things'. This allows the nodes of a wireless network, such as the smart lamps in a lighting system, to be controlled both wirelessly within the network and from an IP-connected device, such as a smartphone, which may be remotely located.

ZigBee Smart Energy

ZigBee Smart Energy (SE) is the world's leading standard for interoperable wireless products that monitor, control and automate the delivery and use of energy (and other resources, such as water). A wireless network is implemented at the consumer’s premises using the ZigBee PRO protocol with the Smart Energy application profile. This home area network (HAN) contains devices such as a metering device, In-Premise Display (IPD) and load control device, and is connected to the energy provider using an Energy Service Interface (ESI) via a backhaul network.

ZigBee Home Automation

ZigBee Home Automation (HA) is a global standard for the flexible control of appliances in the home, including lights, heaters, curtains, blinds and door-locks. Appliances can be controlled wirelessly from a wide range of devices, such as switches, senors, remote control units, mobile phones and computers. ZigBee HA can be used to equip the home with innovative functionality, allowing fully integrated control through existing consumer technology such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. A ZigBee HA system is implemented in the home using the ZigBee PRO protocol with the ZigBee Home Automation application profile.

ZigBee Light Link

ZigBee Light Link (ZLL) is a global standard for interoperable and easy-to-use consumer lighting and control products. It provides the consumer with new lighting functionality, including remote control, programmable timer control and mood lighting. A wireless network is implemented in the home using the ZigBee PRO protocol with the ZigBee Light Link application profile. This network comprises light nodes and controller nodes, such as light switches, occupancy sensors, remote control units, smartphones, tablets and laptops.

ZigBee Remote Control

ZigBee Remote Control (previously known as ZigBee RF4CE) is a wireless network standard specifically targeted at remote control products in the consumer electronics market. In a ZigBee Remote Control network, one or more remote control units may be wirelessly networked to control devices such as a TV, HDD recorder, Blu-ray player and AV amplifier.


Demo boards

Board imageType numberDescriptionStatusQuick access
JN5168-RD6040JN5168-RD6040 Internet of Things (IoT) GatewayProductionOrder demo boards
JN516X-EK001The JN516X-EK001 evaluation kit enables the development of systems that run ZigBee, JenNet-IP, or IEEE 802.15.4 networkProduction
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