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Setting up history and favorites on allows quick, easy access to what you have viewed and downloaded for all items that you mark as interesting.

My Browse History

Easily find information that you have viewed, including products, applications, training and videos in History. My Browse History also keeps track of any documents or software that you have downloaded.

When you visit we are able to track your history during the session. However, your data will be lost when you close your browser or leave your session

To save your activity beyond one session:

  • Register on
  • Select ‘Remember Me’ at the log-in page. Selecting ‘Remember Me’ means that every time you visit the site, your history will be recorded regardless of whether you are logged in or not.
  • Enable ‘History Recording’ under My Account, select History Settings.
  • Enable cookies. Learn more about cookies in our Privacy Policy.

Your history is saved in the system for one year and can be accessed on the My Account page or from the User Name pull down menu at the top of the page.


Change My History Settings

From History Settings (located after you login, under Profile & History), you can enable or disable History Recording, delete your Browse History and customize how you view your Browse History.

Your Browse History is enabled by default. To turn Browse History on or off, do one of the following:

  • Select ‘Enable History Recording’ to track rece ntly viewed and downloaded items.
  • Select ‘Disable History Recording’ to disable further tracking of viewed and downloaded items—this will not delete your existing history.

Your history is saved in the system for one year.

To clear all previous history, click ‘Delete My History’.

To customize items displayed in your history, select ‘Remove’ or ‘Add’ next to the item on the screen. You can choose to display browsed web pages, downloaded documents, software tools and videos.

Once your edits are made to your History Settings, click Save.

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NXP also offers RSS news feeds to get the latest news delivered to your Google or Yahoo home page or other news reader.
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Get easy access to all your embedded design needs when you register on

  • Download software and tools
  • Order product samples
  • Get technical help
  • Access on-demand training
  • Receive weekly Design News to stay up-to-date—particularly with errata and new documentation
  • Track your browsing history for easy access to previously viewed items

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In a site that provides significant technical content for a variety of products, it is helpful to tag content you are interested in to facilitate finding information easily in the future. We provide this ability on the full website as well as the mobile interface. You must be a registered user on and have “remember me” selected.

Get to your favorites easily by selecting “History & Favorites” from the My Account page.

How can I tell if I have selected favorites on an asset?

There will be a yellow star indication on product, application, software and hardware tools and training pages. For downloadable assets, the items will have a yellow star on search results next to the item.

What assets can be favorites?

All web pages, documents, software and tools, products, training pages and applications are eligible.

Where can I view or manage my favorites?

Full site: In the History & Favorites section under My Account.

How can I un-favorite items?

There are two ways to un-favorite items: 1) navigate to the item and select the action icon, then select un-favorite in the pop-up menu, or 2) navigate to My History & Favorites and click on an item's yellow star to deselect.

Yellow star
Unchecked star
My favorits

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