Our wireless charging portfolio includes transmit/receiver controller ICs, associated software, evaluation boards, and reference designs for the consumer, industrial, and automotive markets. These system solutions support industry compliance with the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and the Power Matter Alliance (PMA) standards for both transmitter and receiver wireless charging applications.

Standard Key Features
Products Type Power
Coils Memory Application Packages
MWCT1xxx MWCT1x1x Transmitter 15 W Single/Multi 64 KB Consumer 32QFN, 64LQFP
MWCT1x0x Transmitter 5 W Single/Multi 32 KB, 64 KB Consumer 32QFN, 64LQFP
MWCT1xxxA MWCT1x1xA Transmitter 15 W Multi 64 KB, 288 KB Auto/Industry 64LQFP
MWCT1x0xA Transmitter 5 W Multi 64 KB, 256 KB Auto/Industry 64LQFP
MWPR1516 MWPR1516 Receiver 15 W Single 16 KB - 32QFN-EP,
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