WCT-5W1COILTX: Single-Coil Wireless Charger Reference Design


Single-Coil Wireless Charger

Single-Coil Wireless Charger

Programmable Wireless Charging Solutions



Supported Devices

  • MWCT1x0x: 5 Watt Wireless Charging Transmitter ICs

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Getting started with WCT-5W1COILTX

Get started out of the box with the WCT-5W1COILTX

To get started, download and unzip the WCT1000_A11_V3.3

Collection of documentation resources can be found in the zip file as well as the WCTGUI.

  • WCT1000_A11_V3.3
  • WCT1000_A11_V3.3 core Binary & Example application
  • Type: Operating SystemsSoftware vendor:
  • WCT1000_A11_REV2.1_HWDF
  • WCT1000 Rev2.1 HW Reference Design files: hardware schematic, layout files
  • Type: SchematicsSoftware vendor: