NXP I2C Agile I/O Peripheral Expanders

NXP’s new family of low-voltage (LV) GPIO with Agile I/O expand the two wires of the I2C-bus into eight or 16 general-purpose I/O pins that can interface to keyboards, switches, LEDs, displays, or even stepping motors – saving valuable pins on the microprocessor or custom ASIC. The family has eight members with Agile I/O and eight members without. The devices that don’t implement Agile I/O are 100% compatible with industry-standard devices, giving users supply alternatives and the advantage of second sources. 

Family differences

Devices in the LV GPIO family are differentiated by the number of I/O pins: eight or 16. Other differences come from implementing features like RESET and Interrupt. To aid in PCB layout, the device pinouts are similar. This lets the designer select the family and delay feature selection until later in the process.
Low-voltage operation (1.65 to 5.5 V) and low current consumption make these devices ideal for a wide range of applications in portable, industrial, and automotive segments.
Dual power-supply components allow for bidirectional level translation in systems that need to interface with the outside world.

  Features Industry Standard Device (2.3 to 5.5V) NXP LV Device (1.65 to 5.5V) NXP LV Device with Agile I/O (1.65 - 5.5V) NXP LV device with two VCC for level translation
8-bit INT PCA9534    



INT & Reset PCA9538 PCA9538A PCAL9538A
INT & pull-up PCA9554
16-bit INT PCA9535 PCA9535A PCAL9535A



INT & Reset PCA9539 PCA9539A PCAL9539A
INT & pull-up PCA9555 PCA9555A PCAL9555A




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