RF manual

RF manual 19th edition

Application and design manual for High Performance RF products

Take the next step in RF performance
NXP's RF Manual 19th edition features many new product lines and highlights several important applications along with an expanded section on design support and links to our online RF small-signal community.

RF Manual 19th edition - What’s new?
  • Application highlights; small-cell base stations, cable modems, GPS for smartphone and tablets, wearable health and fitness, ISM band 0 to 500MHz and ISM band 0 to 1600 MHz, RF Light-emitting plasma, Solid-state cooking/RF heating.
  • New product lines; broadband communications, TVs and set-top boxes, fiber-optic options (FTTx), as well as new sections on QUAD LNBs, for use in satellites, and LNAs for LTE.
  • Next generation devices and enhanced products; including 9th generation (Gen9) LDMOS transistors, LNAs for GPS, LTE, WLAN, and wireless infrastructure, satellite downconverters, MMIC broadband amplifiers for TV and distribution systems, GaN power amplifiers.
  • Expanded section on design support; adding the most recent tools, documents, materials, and links that make design-in easier.
  • RF Community; a growing online engineer-to-engineer community for RF designs that lets you collaborate, get technical support, and share ideas with other developers.


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