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NXP offers complete line-ups of RF power transistors operating from 400 MHz right up to 3.8 GHz.

NXP offers complete RF power transistor line-ups, operating from 400 MHz right up to 3.8 GHz for base stations, covering all cellular technologies (GSM/EDGE, CDMA, TD-SCDMA, W-CDMA/UMTS, LTE and WiMAX).

Featured product

BLP8G21S-160PV - The lowest cost solution for the 1.8 to 2 GHz band

Datasheet (pdf)

Maintaining the highest levels of RF performance, our OMP device is the product of choice for your cost-sensitive applications. Combined with the superior product consistency you expect from NXP, which ensures the highest PA manufacturing yields, BLP8G21S-160PV is the lowest cost solution for the 1.8 to 2 GHz band.

Key features and benefits

  • Highest efficiency
  • Best ruggedness
  • Highest power, single ended devices
  • Advanced 2-way and 3-way Doherty amplifier designs
  • High yields in volume production

Key applications

  • Cellular base stations – MC-GSM, GSM-EDGE, (TD-S)CDMA, W-CDMA / UMTS), LTE
  • WiMAX base stations

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Descriptive summary

The line-ups use LDMOS for enhanced RF performance plus unparalleled linearity and power gain. LDMOS also offers today's highest levels of system efficiency, requiring less energy to power the network infrastructure, so network operators can deliver next-generation cellular services and connectivity to consumers for less operational expenditure. Our portfolio includes line-ups in the 1 GHz, 2 GHz, 2.2 GHz, 2.7 GHz, and 3.8 GHz ranges.

Design support and tools

To support RF system engineers to design-in and integrate our solutions in the shortest time possible, we can offer various design and simulation information such as layout files, BIC large signal models, loadpull and S-parameters data.


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{"subtitle":"NXP offers complete line-ups of RF power transistors operating from 400 MHz right up to 3.8 GHz.","category":["Base stations","0.4 - 1.0 GHz transistors","1.3 - 1.7 GHz transistors","1.8 - 2.0 GHz transistors","2.0 - 2.2 GHz transistors","2.3 - 2.4 GHz transistors","2.5 - 2.7 GHz transistors","3.4 - 3.8 GHz transistors",""],"basictype":["BLF6G10LS-200RN","BLF6G10L-260PRN","BLF6G10LS-260PRN","BLF6G15L-40RN","BLF6G15LS-40RN","BLF6G20LS-110","BLF6G22LS-40P","BLF6G27S-45","BLF6G27-10G","BLF6G27LS-40P","BLF6G27LS-40PG","BLF6G38-100","BLF6G38LS-100","BLF6G38-50","BLF6G38LS-50","BLF6G38S-25","BLF6H10LS-160","BLF7G10L-250","BLF7G10LS-250","BLF7G20LS-200","BLF7G20LS-250P","BLF7G20L-90P","BLF7G20LS-90P","BLF7G21LS-160P","BLF7G22L-130","BLF7G22LS-130","BLF7G22LS-160","BLF7G22L-200","BLF7G22LS-200","BLF7G22LS-250P","BLF7G24LS-100","BLF7G24LS-140","BLF7G24LS-160P","BLF7G27LS-100","BLF7G27L-140","BLF7G27LS-140","BLF7G27L-150P","BLF7G27LS-150P","BLF7G27L-75P","BLF7G27LS-75P","BLF7G27L-90P","BLF7G27LS-90P","BLF8G09LS-270GW","BLF8G09LS-270W","BLF8G09LS-400PGW","BLF8G09LS-400PW","BLF8G10L-160","BLF8G10LS-160","BLF8G10LS-270GV","BLF8G10LS-270V","BLF8G20LS-140GV","BLF8G20LS-140V","BLF8G20LS-400PGV","BLF8G20LS-400PV","BLF8G22LS-200GV","BLF8G22LS-200V","BLF8G22LS-270GV","BLF8G22LS-270V","BLF8G24L-200P","BLF8G24LS-200P","BLF8G24LS-100GV","BLF8G24LS-100V","BLF8G24LS-150GV","BLF8G24LS-150V","BLF8G27LS-100GV","BLF8G27LS-100V","BLF8G27LS-150GV","BLF8G27LS-150V","BLM6G22-30G","BLM7G1822S-20PB","BLM7G1822S-20PBG","BLM7G1822S-40AB","BLM7G1822S-40ABG","BLM7G1822S-40PB","BLM7G1822S-40PBG","BLM7G1822S-80AB","BLM7G1822S-80ABG","BLM7G22S-60PB","BLM7G22S-60PBG","BLM8G0710S-15PB","BLM8G0710S-15PBG","BLM8G0710S-30PB","BLM8G0710S-30PBG","BLP8G10S-45P","BLP8G10S-45PG","BLC8G20LS-310AV","BLC8G20LS-400AV","BLC8G21LS-160AV","BLC8G22LS-450AV","BLC8G24LS-240AV","BLC8G27LS-100AV","BLC8G27LS-140AV","BLC8G27LS-160AV","BLC8G27LS-180AV","BLC8G27LS-210PV","BLC8G27LS-240AV","BLC8G27LS-245AV","BLC8G27LS-60AV","BLC8G27LS-60AVH","BLC9G20LS-120V","BLC9G20LS-240PV","BLC9G27LS-150AV","BLF6G10-45","BLF6G10L-40BRN","BLF6G10LS-135RN","BLF6G15L-250PBRN","BLF6G15L-40BRN","BLF6G15LS-250PBRN","BLF6G20LS-140","BLF6G21-10G","BLF6G22L-40BN","BLF6G22LS-100","BLF6G22LS-130","BLF6G27L-50BN","BLF6G38-10G","BLF7G15LS-200","BLF7G15LS-300P","BLF7G20LS-140P","BLF7G21LS-160","BLF7G27L-200PB","BLF8G10LS-160V","BLF8G10LS-270","BLF8G10LS-300P","BLF8G19LS-170BV","BLF8G20LS-160V","BLF8G20LS-200V","BLF8G20LS-220","BLF8G20LS-230V","BLF8G20LS-260A","BLF8G22LS-140","BLF8G22LS-160BV","BLF8G22LS-205V","BLF8G22LS-220","BLF8G22LS-240","BLF8G22LS-270","BLF8G24LS-200PN","BLF8G27LS-100","BLF8G27LS-100P","BLF8G27LS-140","BLF8G27LS-140V","BLF8G38LS-75V","BLF9G20LS-160V","BLF9G38LS-90P","BLM7G1822S-80PB","BLM7G1822S-80PBG","BLM7G24S-30BG","BLM8G0710S-45AB","BLM8G0710S-45ABG","BLP7G07S-140P","BLP7G22-05","BLP7G22-10","BLP8G05S-200","BLP8G05S-200G","BLP8G10S-270PW","BLP8G20S-80P","BLP8G21S-160PV","BLP8G27-10","BLP8G27-5",""]}

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