MRFE6S9060NR1: 470-960 MHz, 14 W Avg., 28 V, Broadband RF Power LDMOS Transistor


TO-270-2 Package Image

TO-270-2 Package Image


Key Parametrics

Product Specifications
Frequency (Min) (MHz) 470
Frequency Max (Max) (MHz) 960
Supply Voltage (Typ) (V) 28
P1dB (Typ) (dBm) 47.8
P1dB (Typ) (W) 60
Output Power (Typ) (W) @ Intermodulation Level at Test Signal 14 @ AVG
Test Signal N-CDMA
Power Gain (Typ) (dB) @ f (MHz) 21.1 @ 880
Efficiency (Typ) (%) 33
Thermal Resistance (Spec) 0.88
Matching Unmatched
Class AB
Die Technology LDMOS

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