MMA9553L: Intelligent Pedometer Sensor


MMA955xL Intelligent Motion-Sensing Platform Block Diagram

MMA955xL Intelligent Motion-Sensing Platform Block Diagram


Meet the other members of the MMA955xL Family

  • MMA9550L contains motion sensor firmware
  • MMA9551L contains gesture and motion sensor firmware
  • MMA9559L contains foundation firmware only

Energy Efficiency Quick Facts

  • Combination of the accelerometer with the low-power CPU to perform pre-processing of the data without requiring the intervention of a more powerful processor
  • Intelligent processing of data can be done more efficiently on MMA955xL than on the host processor
  • Slow internal clock to reduce power in idle mode to 20 µA typical
  • Programmability allows you to specify conditions before notifying the main processor
  • Software configurable FIFOs allow local storage data reducing number of interactions for main processor
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