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Intelligent Sensors and Sensor Hubs

NXP® is integrating more sensing types with compatible software creating sensing platforms. Sensor fusion leverages the capabilities of each sensor and with sensor algorithms, fuses them together. Embedded sensor fusion of multiple sensor data is highly flexible enabling a large breadth of pervasive portable applications that require various power and accuracy targets.

Accelerometer Cube Using the MMA9559L - Demo
(Video - 03:31) Our accelerometer cube demo is based on our MMA9559L Motion-Sensing Platform. This device integrates a MEMS 3-axis accelerometer with a 32-bit embedded ColdFire® microcontroller (MCU).
Sensor Fusion: Enabling a New Era of Innovation - Introduction
(Video - 02:04) Sensor Fusion - greater than the sum of its parts! Sensor fusion lets designers tap in to sensor strengths to achieve far greater optimization. Make your vision a reality using our sensors and software for multi-axis solutions.

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