NXP: A Leader in Sensing Solutions

Expanding on its more than 30-year heritage of sensor innovation, NXP's sensing solutions are designed with the right combination of high-performance sensing capability, processing capacity and customizable software to help deliver smart, differentiated sensing applications.

With NXP sensing solutions, our vision is to offer a diverse and differentiated product portfolio to meet the expanding needs of the automotive, consumer and industrial segments. NXP solutions offer ideal blends of functionality and intelligence designed to help our customers differentiate and win in highly competitive markets.

Market Leadership

Globally, we have delivered more than 1 billion micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS)-based, micro-magnetic and CMOS state machine sensors. According to IHS iSuppli, NXP is the number one independent automotive MEMS sensor supplier. Building on our heritage of innovation, we continue to expand our sensor portfolio as a leading supplier of acceleration, battery, sensing platforms, gyroscopes, magnetic, pressure and touch sensors. Experience sensor fusion that is greater than the sum of its parts using NXP's multi-sensors combined with sensor algorithms to capture individual inputs and fuse them together for more exact information.

Increasing Levels of Intelligence

NXP offers greater levels of intelligence for richer applications. It is no longer about what each sensor does, but how you unlock the potential of sensors with multiple sensor inputs, logic and other building blocks to bring greater value and decision making to the overall sensing solution. It's more than a sensor translating a signal.

  • Decision making
  • Software
  • Programmability
  • Applications
  • Third-party Software

Increasing Levels of Integration