Accurate, robust measurements. Magnetoresistive (MR) sensors perform measurement duties without making contact, enabling wear-free operation. The exceptional accuracy, reliability and robustness of MR sensors make them ideal for automotive applications, including those that employ a wide air gap between sensor and target.

Analog to digital

A subsequent intregrated circuit transforms the analogue into a digital output signal. The output levl is independent of the sensing distance within the measurement range

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  • Rotational Sensors: Accurate rotational speed measurement sensors maintain performance, safety and reliability in modern vehicles. They support numerous applications—from anti-lock braking to engine management systems—and open the way for embedding intelligence throughout cars with the introduction of advanced in-vehicle networks and control systems.
  • Angular Sensors: True angular measurement sensors provide an output signal virtually independent of magnet tolerances, magnet temperature coefficients, magnet-sensor distance, and positioning tolerances within a range of automotive and industrial contexts.