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Analog Switches

Analog switches and multiplexer/demultiplexer circuits are used in both analog and digital I/O expansion applications such as speaker selection in cell phones or sensor selection in industrial process monitoring applications.

NXP's comprehensive range of analog switches include SPST to SP16T options that are suitable for a variety of automotive analog and digital switching applications including sample and hold circuits, sensor data multiplexing, video & audio switching and GPIO expansion.

Analog switches are offered in TSSOP, PicoGate and innovative leadless MicroPak and DQFN packages for PCB space saving. NXP's switches are fully specified from -40 ºC to 125 ºC.


  • Reduced signal attenuation results in low switching losses
  • Reduced total harmonic distortion for high quality audio switching
  • Enable multiplexing of analog sensor signals - reduce number of ADC
  • Integrated level shifting of control signals interface to lower voltage controllers
  • Low ON resistance and ON resistance flatness
  • Low switch leakage
  • Wide supply voltage
  • Low input threshold input options
  • Over-voltage tolerant options
  • High ESD protection per IEC61000 Standard

Target Applications

  • Audio/video source selection
  • Analog sensor multiplexing
  • GPIO expansion
  • Bus Isolation

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