Tower® System Modular Development Board Platform

Take your design to the next level with the Tower System evaluation board platform. Our modular development tools save you months of development time now and in the future through rapid prototyping and tool re–use.

Interchangeable and reusable development boards (modules), along with open source design files make it easy to customize your design and reduce low-level design giving you more time to focus on differentiated solutions.

Sold in kits or as individual modules, expanding from a development tool into a customized and comprehensive development platform is simple and cost effective. Simply choose your preferred combination of Tower System development boards, connect them together, and get started.

Start Designing with Tower System Boards

Step 1: Select an MCU or processor module
Step 2: Choose your peripherals and plug-ins
Step 3: Use with the Elevator Module

Tower System Boards

  • TWR-K24F120M for Kinetis K24 MCU

    Now Available: Kinetis K Series MCUs With Up To 2MB Flash

    Kinetis K series devices with up to 2 MB of flash are now available. Kinetis K26F, K66F and K65F MCUs bring power-efficiency to the next level with an 180 MHz ARM® Cortex®-M4 core with FPU, up to 2 MB Flash and 256 KB SRAM. Jump start your design today using the TWR-K65F180M.

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  • Tower System development board

    Get to know the Tower System Development Boards

    NXP's Tower System development board platform is modular, scalable and flexible for automotive, consumer, industrial, medical and networking markets. It connects through the serial module that features Ethernet, high-speed USB, RS232/485, CAN and LIN. Elevate your design to the next level with the Tower System evaluation boards which span across 8-, 16- and 32-bit microcontrollers/microprocessors, analog products, sensors and wireless connectivity.

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Design Resources

Rich Apps in Real Time: Vybrid Controller Solutions

Vybrid Controller Solutions

Vybrid F Series controller solutions range from a single ARM® Cortex™-A5 core to a dual-core Cortex-A5 + Cortex™-M4 MCU and are designed for industrial applications that require critical safety and security, connectivity, rich HMI and real-time control. To facilitate evaluation and development on Vybrid devices, the TWR-VF65GS10 processor module operates as a standalone debug tool or as part of an assembled Tower System development platform.