BSPs for QorIQ® Power Architecture Technology (P1xxx)

Linux board support packages (BSPs) for NXP® Silicon are tested, certified and frozen, ensuring a fully operational tool chain, kernel and board specific modules that are ready to use together within a fixed configuration for specific hardware reference platforms. These BSPs, combined with CodeWarrior® tools, provide the foundation you need to begin your project quickly.

All Linux BSPs include:

  • Linux kernel and device drivers
  • Applications/services
  • Libraries
  • GNU tools (compilers, linkers, etc.)
  • Deployment mechanisms

Some features of a chip or an evaluation board may not be enabled by a Linux BSP. Please review the features listed in the “Devices Support” section of each Linux BSP information page. Each Linux BSP link provides detailed information on the version of the kernel, glibc, gcc, etc., as well as information about which applications and services are included within a specific BSP.

BSPs are offered free of charge, "AS IS." Please review the Linux Technology Support Policies for more information.

 BSPs for QorIQ Power Architecture|P1xxx Design Tools
  Board Support Packages
ID and Description Vendor ID Format Size K Rev # Availability
Linux BSP for P1020 RDB Beta
(MD5Sum: f3e51570da7b725be19a164961693834)   
NXP   iso   1056812   1  
Linux BSP for P1020 RDB Pre-Built Images Beta
(MD5Sum: f7f861cca0b255e3b139d8d20ce384fb)   
NXP   iso   1003766   1  
Linux BSP for P1021 MDS Beta
(MD5Sum: ff24ef109df8c7003a4c63d6078918e3)   
NXP   iso   1674594   0  
Linux BSP QE TDM Patch #2 for P1021 MDS
(MD5Sum: 02484317fe6031c5b928a9315edd9645)   
NXP   gz   65719   1  
Linux BSP TDM Patch #1 for P1021 MDS
(MD5Sum: fff10f21091d4f89c4c0dfe780dd0164)   
NXP   iso   66740   2  

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