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Our VortiQa software products are designed to reduce your time-to-market for building state-of-the-art networking and communications equipment. VortiQa application software addresses specific vertical markets such as enterprise, SMB, service provider equipment, wireless infrastructure equipment, and cloud and data center equipment. The highly-optimized VortiQa software portfolio runs on a wide range of QorIQ processing platforms.

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VortiQa Software Defined Networking (SDN) Solutions

VortiQa Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Solutions

Gain market advantage by leveraging Our cutting-edge, commercial-grade VortiQa Software-Defined Networking Solutions. The two products available, VortiQa open network (ON) director software and VortiQa open network (ON) switch software, leverage open standards such as OpenFlow(TM) protocols to improve manageability of networks. By leveraging these optimized and highly portable software products on multicore platforms, customers can reduce OPEX and CAPEX. Develop your next innovative design with VortiQa SDN Solutions!

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  • Network Services Switch Solution

    Network Services Switching Platform
    Innovative switching and routing platform in a cost and power optimized white box solution powered by QorIQ multicore processors and VortiQa SDN software.