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MCUXpresso Software and Tools for ARM® Cortex®-M cores

Developed as a cohesive set of software development tools for Kinetis and LPC microcontrollers, the MCUXpresso software and tools bring together the best of NXP’s software enablement into one enablement platform for a shared software experience across a broader set of ARM Cortex-M MCUs.

The MCUXpresso software and tools include:

  • MCUXpresso SDK - An open-source software development kit (SDK) built specifically for your processor and evaluation board selections.
  • MCUXpresso IDE - An easy-to-use integrated development environment (IDE) for creating, building, debugging, and optimizing your application.
  • MCUXpresso Config Tools - A comprehensive suite of system configuration tools, including pins, clocks, SDK builder and more.
Build your SDK now: MCUXpresso SDK

Build your SDK now: MCUXpresso SDK

The MCUXpresso SDK is a pre-integrated and thoroughly tested collection of open-source software components for Kinetis and LPC devices delivered as a custom package based on user selections.

MCUXpresso Config Tools make pins and clock configurations easy

MCUXpresso Config Tools make pins and clock configurations easy

Production software development made easy with a suite of system configuration tools for power optimization, pin multiplexing, system clocking, and more.

Coming March 2017: MCUXpresso IDE

Coming March 2017: MCUXpresso IDE

The MCUXpresso IDE offers basic editing, compiling and debugging features with the addition of MCU-specific debugging views, code trace and profiling, multicore debugging, and more.

MCUXpresso software and tools availability

  • MCUXpresso SDK - available now
  • MCUXpresso Config Tools
    • Online - available now
    • Desktop - available March 2017
  • MCUXpresso IDE available March 2017

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