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[PDF] MMC2075 32-Bit Microcontroller - Product Brief (REV 0.1)

10 May 2000 The MMC2075 is a member of the low-power, high-performance M•CORE family of 32-bit microcontroller units (MCUs). It contains an M•CORE CPU, a streamlined execution engine that provides many of the performance ...

[PDF] MSC7118 Product Brief (REV 1)

21 Sep 2005 Presents an overview, block diagram, and features list for the MSC7118 digital signal processor.

[PDF] 56F8300 Demonstration Kit Product Brief (REV 0)

10 Sep 2003 FEATURES • Complimentary permanent license for CodeWarrior™  Development Studio (up to 16 KB) • Utilizes 60 MHz ...

[PDF] ARCHIVED 2005 - DSP56007 24-Bit Digital Signal Processor Product Brief (REV 0)

01 Oct 1994 The DSP56007 and the low-voltage DSP56L007 are high-performance, programmable Digital Sig-nal Processors (DSPs) suitable for a variety of digital audio decompression functions needing more memory, such as Dolby AC-3, MPE ...

[PDF] MC56F82XXX Product Brief - Product Brief (REV 3.1)

27 Nov 2013 The 56F827xx microcontroller is a member of the 32-bit 56800EX core-based Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs). Each device in the family combines, on a single chip, the processing??power of a 32-bit DSP and the functionali ...

[PDF] MC145230 Information Brief - Applications, Benefits, and Features (REV 0)

17 Mar 2000 Archived 2005 The Information Brief includes Applications, Features and Benefits of using the MC145230 Dual PLL Frequency Synthesizer

[PDF] MPC5604E Microcontroller Product Brief (REV 2)

31 Oct 2011 MPC5604E Product Brief provides the features of MPC5604E microcontroller, which is a gateway system designed to move data from different sources via Ethernet to a receiving system and vice versa.

[PDF] MCF537x ColdFire® Microprocessor Product Brief (REV 3)

03 Dec 2007 An overview of the MCF537x Family of Microprocessors.

[PDF] DSP56602 16-Bit Digital Signal Processor Product Brief (REV 1)

01 Oct 1997 The DSP56602 is a ROM-based 16-bit fixed-point CMOS Digital Signal Processor (DSP) designed for low-power digital cellular subscriber applications. This 60 MHz chip is optimized for processing-intensive, yet c ...

[PDF] 56F8347 16-bit Hybrid Controller (REV 3)

09 Nov 2004 Summary description and block diagram of the core, memory, peripherals and interfaces

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