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SC18IS602 revision A die errataSC18IS602 revision A die errataApplication note
How to use the SC18IM700 to control any I2C-bus deviceHow to use the SC18IM700 to control any I2C-bus deviceApplication note
SC18Discrete Semiconductor Packages (complete)Handbook
SC18IS602BI2C-bus to SPI bridgeData sheet
SC18IS600SPI to I2C-bus interfaceData sheet
SC18IM700Master I²C-bus controller with UART interfaceData sheet
SC18IS602_602B_603I2C-bus to SPI bridgeData sheet
SC18IS600/601 SPI to I²C-bus interfaceProduct series
ProductionInterface and connectivity Bridges SPI slave to I²C master / GPIO bridges
vp_SC18IS600_601_ja_JPSPI から I²C バスへのインターフェース
vp_SC18IS602B_ja_JPI2C バスから SPI へのブリッジ

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