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TitleContent typeFile typeUpdated
PCA9533 IBIS modelModelZIP2014-08-26
4-bit I2C-bus LED dimmerData sheetPDF2009-04-27
Block diagram: PCA9533D, PCA9533DPBlock diagramGIF2009-11-04
LED dimming with GPIO expansion; NXP 2/4/8/16-bit I2C/SMBus LED dimmers PCA9530/31/32/33LiteraturePDF2007-06-01
NXP I2C-bus solutions 2013: Smart, simple solutions for the 12 most common design concernsLiteraturePDF
I2C Devices for LED Display ControlApplication notePDF2002-07-22
NXP ジャーナル 2015LiteraturePDF2015-01-16
NXP Interface (日本語、pdf)LiteraturePDF2015-01-22
LED dimmer demoboardApplication notePDF2005-01-11
I2C manualApplication notePDF2003-03-27

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