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TitleSummaryContent typeUpdatedQuick access
PCA8885 and PCF8885 evaluation board OM11056 The OM11056 is a PCA8885 and PCF8885 evaluation board which can be used to demonstrate and evaluate the 8-channel capacitive touch and proximity switchDemo board2014-10-02
OM11057 evaluation board for PCA8885, PCF8885, and PCA8886 The OM11057 is an evaluation board which can be used to demonstrate and evaluate the PCA8885, PCF8885 and PCA8886 capacitive touch and proximity sensorsDemo board2014-10-02
PCA8885/PCF8885 TFT touch demo board OM11058 The OM11058 demonstrates the capabilities of the PCA8885 and PCF8885 for touch on display by using a double-sided ITO touch foil with a diamond matrixDemo board2014-10-02
PCA8537 and PCF8537 evaluation board OM13500A The OM13500A is an LCD demo board which can be used to demonstrate and evaluate the PCA8537 and PCF8537 segment driverDemo board2014-10-02
PCF8553 LCD demo board The OM13506 is an evaluation/demo board designed to evaluate and promote the PCF8553DTT LCD driverDemo board2015-06-12
PCF85263A I²C-bus evaluation board OM13510 The OM13510 is the ideal evaluation and demo board of the PCF85263A. It can be used in the design phase of any projectDemo board2014-10-02
I²C-bus RTC PCF8523 demoboard OM13511 The PCF8523 is a real-time clock based on an ultra-low power oscillator and using an I⊃2Demo board2015-02-03
Demo board OM13512 for the SPI-bus RTC PCF2123 ; only the power supply and the SPI-bus must be connected. On the OM13512 the RTC PCF2123TS with SPI-bus is mounted together with a quartz crystal, a coin cellDemo board2014-10-02
RTC demo board OM13513 containing PCF2127T and PCF2129AT ⊃2;C-bus connection. The accurate RTCs PCF2127T and PCF2129AT are mounted together with a back-up lithium battery on a small PC-boardDemo board2014-10-02
PCF8883 evaluation board OM11055 The OM11055 is a PCF8883 evaluation board which was developed in order to provide a tool for application engineers and development engineers wishing to try and evaluate the single channel PCF8883Demo board2014-10-02

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