Certified Training Workshops

NXP In-depth Training Courses

NXP professional instructors provide hardware, software, and systems designers with in-depth coverage on a variety of products and technologies. Classes run multiple days and often include in-class exercises and hands-on labs. Click on the course name for course details or to request an in-plant class at your location. In-plant classes can be tailored to your specific time and topic needs.

MPC5xxx MCU Training Program

NXP Technical Training Department offers live in-depth training on the MPC5xxx MCU family targeting developers in the powertrain, body, chassis, gateway, and functional safety application areas.

MPC5500 Family Course Request Training
MPC5510 32-bit MCU Course Request Training
MPC560xB 32-bit MCU Course Request Training
MPC563xM 32-bit MCU Course Request Training
MPC564xL 32-bit MCU Course Request Training
MPC567xF 32-bit MCU Course Request Training
MPC567xK 32-bit MCU Course Request Training
MPC567xR 32-bit MCU Course Request Training
MPC564xA 32-bit MCU Course Request Training

Additional Live In-Depth Training

S12X Family Course Request Training
i.MX51/53 Course Request Training
i.MX31 Multimedia Processors Course Request Training
eTPU and eTPU2 Programming Course Request Training
ColdFire V2 Family Course Request Training
Digital Signal Controllers MC56F8xxx Course Request Training
Flexis QE128 – ColdFire MCF51QE 32-bit MCU and S08QE 8–bit MCU Request Training

Third Party In-depth Training

Classroom training is also available worldwide from our NXP Connect Proven Training providers. Part of a powerful and comprehensive ecosystem of partners our proven training providers are chosen based on their strong industry experience and focused support of NXP products and technologies. They deliver the same in-depth coverage and professional instruction as NXP and with the same goal of enabling you to speed your design to market and making the world a smarter, more connected place.

Click on a provider name to see their course offerings or on the calendar icon to see their publicly scheduled courses. Our training providers also offer in-plant courses at your location.

Adeneo Embedded
Arnewsh Inc.
Ash Ware Inc.
Embedded Access Inc.
HandsOn Training
PhoenixMicro Inc.