embedded world 2014, February 25 – 27, Nuremberg, Germany

Embedded World 2014

At embedded world 2014, the world's leading trade fair for embedded solutions where the embedded community shares latest trends and innovations, on our booth, 4A - 210, you can experience live demonstrations for the Internet of Things, graphics, safety and security applications. Take the opportunity to discuss the latest developments in the area of embedded processing with our experts.

At the embedded conference NXP® will present the following technical papers

Tuesday, 25 February

  • Efficient allocation of variables to registers for architectures with low resources
    session 02: Software Development in High Level Languages II, 13:30–14:00
  • Power consumption software optimization
    session 05: Designing for Ultra-low Energy, 16:00–16:30
  • Multicore processors for embedded systems: Are we ready?
    session: 09: Panel Discussion, 9:00 – 11:00

Wednesday, 26 February

  • Energy measurements techniques for ultra-low-power designs
    class 07: Hands-On Workshop: Applying Optimization Techniques for Ultra-Low Power Microcontrollers, 9:40–10:05

Thursday, 27 February

  • Migration to multicore processing, trends, techniques and industry case studies
    session 20: Multicore Processors I, 9:30–10:00
  • M2M and embedded processing: Advantages of multi core and asymmetric processing
    session 25: M2M I, 11:30–12:00
  • Architecture of building blocks of the Internet of Things (IoT), from the edge sensing nodes to the cloud computing
    session 25: M2M I, 13:30–14:00

Featured Demos

  • One Box Platform: Scalable, secure service delivery infrastructure
  • Thermostat
  • ThinkEco Smart Plugs
  • Smart meters based on Kinetis® MCUs
  • RFID reader and NFC payment based on Kinetis MCUs
  • NXP Freedom Platform for Xtrinsic Sensors with Bluetooth
  • Kinetis M based industrial sensing
  • Jakarta Java and Kinetis MCUs, enabling Smart Edge nodes in IoT
  • Several healthcare applications and the Home Health Hub
  • IoT Gateway based on QorIQ® communications processors
  • Software defined networking based on the QorIQ T series
  • Industrial protocol communications based on QorIQ processors
  • PLDC and PMSM motor control applications
  • Battery Management solutions
  • 36V eXtreme Switch application for multi-purpose industrial solutions
  • Physical layers and CIO / CAN transceivers demonstration
  • i.MX 6 series applications processors in graphics applications
  • Power Management solutions for i.MX 6 series applications processors
  • Ethernet AVB audio / video bridging demonstration

You can also find over 30 exhibits from our NXP Connect Program partners showcasing innovative solutions based on NXP products.

NXP University Program Presentation Area: Visit the Foyer of hall 4A

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