NXP® FTF Connects

NXP FTF Connects expands your options for enjoying the benefits of NXP FTF. A condensed format and more locations and scheduling options provide the flexibility you need. Get inspired with NXP’s world-class training program, immersive technology experiences, technical sessions and industry panels.

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Event Date Title City Country Region Language Register
September 22, 2016 NXP FTF Connects – Orlando Orlando, Florida US AMEC English Download Presentations
October 5-6, 2016 NXP FTF Connects - Detroit Detroit, Michigan US AMEC English Download Presentations
October 13, 2016 NXP FTF Connects - Toronto Toronto, Ontario Canada AMEC English Download Presentation
November 8, 2016 NXP FTF Connects - Sao Paulo Sao Paulo, Brazil Brazil AMEC English Download Presentation