Analog Bus Communication and Products  Favorite


This course introduces concepts related to communication busses, including features, functions, and the different types of bus systems. We will examine the main bus types, identifying key attributes for each type. We will discuss how to prioritize bus attributes when selecting a bus for a specific application. Finally, we will introduce NXP®’s portfolio of bus ICs.


Course Outline

    • Introduction
    • Bus Types, Attributes, Data Rates
    • Physical Layers
    • Bus Nodes
    • Mastering
    • Bus Protocols and States.
    • Collision Handling and Determinism
    • Bus Systems and Communication
    • Error Detection
    • Waveshaping
    • Wake-up
    • Inhibit Output
    • Shared Power and Data Bus
    • CAN and DSI Bus
    • ISO 9141, J 1850, LIN, and SWCAN
    • Bus Summary
    • Bus Selection
    • NXP® Bus Systems

What You'll Learn

    • Define basic terminology and concepts related to bus communication
    • Describe bus operations and the different types of communication
    • Identify the attributes of the main bus types
    • Match a bus type to application requirements
    • Describe Our portfolio of bus ICs