Building a Rich UI Based Dual Display Video Player with the i.MX 53 using LinuxLink – Part 1  Favorite


  • In session one, attendees will assemble a full development environment and learn how to quickly create a BusyBox-based, small footprint, custom Linux platform. The session will address application developers' needs by helping them jumpstart development with cross-compilation tools including GCC, glibc, libraries and utilities such as GDB — with or without any embedded Linux knowledge. System engineers will learn how to design and quickly create a custom Linux platform with selected APIs — without having to endure a lengthy development process. - TEST

    Hands-On Exercises will include: working with the embedded Linux-based product design process, building a custom BSP and SDK , and deploying Linux on the i.MX 53QSB platform

    This training is performed by Timesys, an NXP® Alliance Partner.
  • Course Outline

      • Developing a product with the NXP®..MX53 QSB
      • Session Hardware/Software Requirements
      • Embedded Linux Primer
      • Where do I start my Linux design —Product Requirements
      • Assemble a custom BSP using LinuxLinkWeb Edition
        • Reflect product requirements
        • Produce complete Linux design
        • Learn how to find information
      • Application/System Development environment setup with an SDK
      • Deploy the images on the NXPi.MX53 board

    What You'll Learn

      • i.MX 53 platform capabilities
      • Embedded Linux primer, including an overview of embedded systems
      • Embedded Linux concepts, including BSP, SDK, LinuxLink and Factory
      • How to set up a Linux cross-development environment
      • How to reflect product requirements in embedded Linux design
      • How to design a footprint-optimized Linux platform
      • How to deploy Linux on an embedded board (i.MX 53 Quick Start board)