Dual Core Processors in Automotive Safety Applications  Favorite


Their is an increased focus to create automotive system designs that ensures required safety critical functions performance, particularly in the powertrain and chassis domains. Dual core processor concepts are gaining market share in applications where compliance to automotive functional safety standards has become a difficult requirement. Find out how NXP® is delivering solutions to help you address these needs in safety critical applications.

**Presented during the 2008 NXP Technology Forum in Orlando, Florida

Course Outline

    • Chassis control solutions
      • Single core
      • Dual core
    • Single core and dual core solutions from NXP®
    • Application trends

What You'll Learn

    • Identify performance and functional safety properties  of global chassis control
    • Compare single and dual core solutions for global chassis control
    • Identify Our functional safety solutions
    • Understand the functional safety benefits of the MPC55xx/MPC56xx MCUs

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