Inertial Applications Using 6-bit Accelerometer  Favorite


This class will cover sensor applications for the consumer market that can be done using a 6-bit accelerometer, such as motion detection, shake detection, orientation detection, and tap detection. This will be a hands-on lab using the Audit 2 board with the Sensor Toolbox software and/or the RD3803MMA7660FC Evaluation Kit.

Course Outline

    • MMA7660FC product review
    • Key markets
    • MMA7660FC - built-in capability
    • Configuring the MMA7660FC for built-in capability
    • Configuring custom portrait/landscape trip points
    • Work with the XYZ data output

What You'll Learn

    • Describe MMA7660FC built in orientation, shake, top and auto-wake/sleep capability
    • Configure the MMA7660FC registers and discuss optimal settings
    • Work with the XYZ data output to examine tilt, tap, shake and gesture detection.