LTE Layer 1 Software on the StarCore®® MSC8156 DSP  Favorite


This session will cover the Long Term Evolution (LTE) Layer 1 Software on the StarCore®® technology-based MSC8156. We will highlight the architectural split between cores and the Multi Accelerator Platform Engine (MAPLE) as well as the framework approach.

Course Outline

    • Introduction
      • Broadband Wireless Technology Timelines
      • 3G Evolution – from Thin to Thick Data Pipe
      • Multicore DSP Roadmap based on StarCore®®
    • LTE standard overview
      • LTE overview
      • SC-FDMA and OFDMA
      • LTE L1 Channel Overview
      • Multi User (MU) - MIMO
    • Software overview
      • LTE Layer 1 Software Components
      • Algorithms
      • L1 Matlab Reference Model
      • Uplink Processing Chain
      • Manager API Example
      • MAPLE Abstraction Layer
    • Implementation proposal on MSC8156
      • MSC8156 device overview
      • Performance Analysis Methodology
      • Use case definition & System Architecture
      • Summary

What You'll Learn

    • Understand how NXP® LTE Layer1 enablement software with an Advanced Signal Processing library, Multicore Framework and application/abstraction layers meet the demands of an high throughput LTE systems
    • Understand how the MSC8156 six core system along with the MAPLE-B baseband accelerator work to meet current and future baseband systems data throughput and latency requirements

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