MPC564xL Safety Demonstration – Fault Detection  Favorite


The demo enables the user to investigate how the MPC564xL dual-core MCU architecture behaves in the presence of fault conditions. The demonstration allows the user to configure the MPC564xL hardware and software modes and simulate the architecture response when a failure occurs in the system. MPC564xL includes the special safety measures to detect failures before they become dangerous, which allows the device to support the safety standards IEC61508 (SIL3) and ISO26262 (ASIL-D).

Course Outline

    • MPC564xL Introduction
    • Why safety on only one chip?
    • MPC564xL Example Safety Configurations
    • MPC564xL Simulator

What You'll Learn

    • Investigate how the MPC564xL dual-core MCU with varying architectures behaves in the presence of a fault.
    • Understand through simulation the capabilities of the MPC564xL Lockstep Mode or Decoupled Parallel mode configurations for detecting and responding to failures.