MSC8156 DSP Processors and the Baseband Market  Favorite


This session outlines the demands of future wireless multi standard base stations and how Our StarCore® MSC8156 digital signal processor can meet these system demands. 

Course Outline

    • Baseband Market Evolution and NXP® Focus
    • MSC8156 DSP Highlights
      • Device Block Diagram
      • New DSP Core and Platform
      • MAPLE-B – Baseband Accelerators
    • Hardware & Software
      • MSC8156 Enablement
    • Summary

What You'll Learn

    • View trends in wireless basestation standards and data rates.
    • Describe the base station features of the StarCore® MSC8156 Digital Signal Processor.
    • Understand the StarCore DSP Core Architecture and system caches
    • Describe the MSC8156 MAPLE-B data rate performance capability for WiMAX, 3GLTE FDD/TDD and UMTS systems, and WCDMA, HSPA+ systems.
    • Identify evaluation boards, reference development systems, and development software for MSC8156 design.

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