MSC8156 DSP Processors and the Baseband Market  Favorite


This session outlines the demands of future wireless multi standard base stations and how Our StarCore MSC8156 digital signal processor can meet these system demands. 

Course Outline

    • Baseband Market Evolution and NXP Focus
    • MSC8156 DSP Highlights
      • Device Block Diagram
      • New DSP Core and Platform
      • MAPLE-B – Baseband Accelerators
    • Hardware & Software
      • MSC8156 Enablement
    • Summary

What You'll Learn

    • View trends in wireless basestation standards and data rates.
    • Describe the base station features of the StarCore MSC8156 Digital Signal Processor.
    • Understand the StarCore DSP Core Architecture and system caches
    • Describe the MSC8156 MAPLE-B data rate performance capability for WiMAX, 3GLTE FDD/TDD and UMTS systems, and WCDMA, HSPA+ systems.
    • Identify evaluation boards, reference development systems, and development software for MSC8156 design.

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