Overview of SC3850 and MAPLE-B Hardware Accelerator  Favorite


The MSC8156 is a six-core DSP based on NXP’s new SC3850 StarCore®® technology coupled with novel multi-accelerator platform - MAPLE-B. It is designed to advance the capabilities of wireless broadband equipment. This session introduces these two new technologies which enable MSC8156 device to provide most efficient programmable solution for current and future base station designs.

Course Outline

    • MSC8156 multicore digital signal processor (DSP) product using the SC3850 DSP cores and MAPLE-B accelerators
    • MAPLE-B accelerators
      • Programmable accelerators concept
      • Programming model
      • Accelerated functions and standards compliance
    • SC3850 DSP built on StarCore®® technology
      • Architecture overview
      • Performance
      • L1 and L2 cache sub-system
    • Summary

What You'll Learn

    • Understand how the MSC8156 DSP with its six SC3850 cores coupled with the MAPLE-B accelerator provide a unique combination of processing power and software programming flexibility for current and future multi-standard base station designs

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