Port C Code to StarCore®-based SC3850 and SC3400 Cores  Favorite


In this course we will describe how to optimally port code written for competitors DSP architectures, specifically the TI C64x and 64x+ core, to the StarCore® SC3400 core used in devices such as the MSC8144 and SC3850 core used in devices such as the MSC815x and MSC825x DSP families. The course will illustrate the steps necessary to port application code written in the C language. Topics will include architectural differences, data types, tools settings, intrinsics, pragmas and optimization suggestions. The focus of this session will be porting from the core perspective only–it does not discuss system issues. This session provides code development techniques to help improve code performance. Users can apply these techniques to their existing projects for better utilization of the SC3850 core subsystem.

Course Outline

    • Overview of porting code
    • Core architecture comparisons
    • Data types and intrinsic functions
    • Development tools
    • Performance and optimizations

What You'll Learn

    • To understand the fundamental architectural differences between StarCore® SC3850 and competitors' DSP architectures
    • To understand the optimal use of the various data types and intrinsic functions when mapping code to the SC3850 core
    • To understand the best use of CodeWarrior® tools when porting code and performing optimization steps to get the best performance