S12(X) Banked Memory Made Easy  Favorite


This session shows how to use the MemoryBanker in CodeWarrior®. Development Studio for S12(X) Processors V5.0 to simplify writing and optimizing code for S12(X) devices which access banked memory.

Course Outline

    • Introduction
      • S12X Programming model
      • S12X Memory resources
    • Understanding Memory Paging:
      • Local memory map & paged memory
      • Global memory map
    • MemoryBanker (CW for HC12 v5.0)
      • MemoryBanker introduction
      • How MemoryBanker works and when to use it
      • Devices supported
      • Limitations
      • Creating a project with MemoryBanker
      • Checking object distribution and amount of memory saved

What You'll Learn

    • Define Memory Paging
    • Define the memory paging capability for EEPROM, FLASH and ROM
    • Define banked vs unbanked memory locations
    • Translate a Local Address to a Global Address
    • Compare and contrast Global Addressing to memory paging.
    • Define and discuss use cases for MemoryBanker in the CodeWarrior®.trade; for HC12 v5.0 Environment
    • Create a project in the CodeWarrior™ for HC12 v5.0 Environment with MemoryBanker activated

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