Have a great idea for a new application? Starting your senior or capstone project? We are here to help the innovators of today develop with NXP® technology.Project sponsorship is available from NXP. Send us your project proposal.

We can offer:

  • A minimum 15% discount on most tools
    • Evaluation and demo boards
    • CodeWarrior® Development Tools (Academic Edition)
    • Broad range of sensors
  • Free device samples (just the chip)

In return, we ask you to:

Apply for Project Sponsorship Note: Under ‘Support’ select ‘Project Sponsor.’ Attachments cannot exceed 10MB.

We will email our decision. In the meantime take advantage of our Training Academy and join the University Programs Community——with forums, labs, events and lots of expert advice.

To order tools, look for the Buy Direct button on our tool pages. To order device samples use the Sample button on our product pages and remember to always check what is in stock.

Good luck on your project and have fun developing with NXP.

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