• University Programs
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University Programs

At NXP® University Programs, we work with educators to create resources needed for advancing education and activities that give students practical experience. We provide students in thousands of universities and colleges great hardware, development tools, design challenges, and training to become the most employable in the industry.

  • Student Learning Kits

    Student Learning Kits

    Take advantage of our student learning kits—the same great tools used in industry. We offer development platforms, devices and other technology solutions to best meet your academic needs.

  • Courseware (Faculty Portal)

    Courseware (Faculty Portal)

    Looking to upgrade your course content and teach industry-applicable subject matter in an easy-to-use way? We partner with educators to design and develop material tailored for your courses. And, most of our courseware comes with on-demand presentations and training videos, application notes and reference designs.

  • Project Sponsorship

    Project Sponsorship

    Have a great idea for a new application? Send us your project proposal and receive donations and discounts on development tools and device samples. Don’t forget to share your results—upload a video of your application to our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

  • The NXP Cup

    The NXP Cup

    Learn electrical and mechanical engineering concepts while sharpening your team work skills. The NXP Cup is a global challenge where students build, program and race a model car. The fastest car (without derailing) wins. Look for your area’s NXP Cup community for contest rules, dates, registration forms along with training and forums.

  • EcoCAR3


    EcoCAR 3 is the latest U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition (AVTC) series sponsored by DOE and General Motors and managed by Argonne National Laboratory. As North America’s premier collegiate automotive engineering competition, NXP is proud to be a Visionary Sponsor of the EcoCAR 3 competition, supplying our advanced automotive technology, development platforms, technical documentation and training to the 16 university teams enabling them to integrate our technology into their 2016 Chevrolet Camaros.

  • Internships and New Grad Jobs

    Internships and New Grad Jobs

    Are you a student currently looking for real-world experiences, working alongside experts? Consider an internship at NXP. If you are finishing your education and just beginning your professional career, also check out our entry-level positions.

  • Online Training Academy

    Online Training Academy

    Tap into our free on-demand training library for hundreds of hours of webinars and presentations on NXP products, applications, software and tools. Start designing today.

Our NXP University Programs are global—find information in your region: China, Japan, Mexico and Brazil