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High Performance RF TechZone

High Performance RF TechZone

Welcome to the HPRF TechZone. The online portal to find the latest on our broad RF portfolio or to reach out to application experts.

HPRF Applications


Clarity of purpose in performance-driven, affordable RF technology

For over five decades we have focused on unleashing boundary-breaking performance in a wide range of RF and microwave applications. We continue to build on this proud legacy of innovation today with substantial, ongoing R&D investments that are igniting next-generation RF breakthroughs. We bring focus to complex RF problems so you are free to push the performance limits of your application, realizing your design vision and gaining a competitive edge for your enterprise.

Local application centers
From satellite receivers, cellular base stations and broadcast transmitters to ISM (Industrial, Scientific, and Medical) and aerospace and defense applications, we’ll help you get the best performance from your RF design. Our local application centers of excellence offer unrivaled expert support, throughout the entire design cycle, when and where you need it most. And we’ll work on an engineer-to-engineer basis to help you realize your product and application vision.


Aerospace and defense


  • Digital TV/radiio
  • Analog TV
  • FM radio

Industrial, Scientific, and Medical

  • RF plasma generation
  • RF heating
  • RF drying
  • RF sensing


Wireless infrastructure




RF Manual 19th edition: Application and design man...



Unveiling Ultra-wideband Doherty for Broadcast

  • RF for a Smarter World...

    youtube video

    RF for a Smarter World

  • NXP Base Station Demo's from IMS 2014...

    youtube video

    NXP Base Station Demo's from IMS 2014

  • NXP IMS 2014 Plasma Lighting Demo...

    youtube video

    NXP IMS 2014 Plasma Lighting Demo

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