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Consultants Overview

NXP microcontrollers group works with implementation consultants that can support our customers with design-in services.

+ Adeneo Embedded
+ Bob Halliday Consulting
+ Circomm Technologies Ltd
+ CoActionOS, Inc
+ Device Solutions Inc
+ Diolan Ltd
+ DSP Concepts
+ Embedded Artists AB
+ Fen Technology Limited
+ Future Designs, Inc

+ Inodigm
+ Micromint USA
+ Micron Engineering
+ Micro's and More
+ SoftwareFlair, Inc
+ Technologix S.R.L.
+ Tentmaker Systems
+ R O SoftWare
+ Verus Logic, Inc.
+ XscapeEz Ltd.

Adeneo Embedded

Consultant Locations served Family
Adeneo Embedded North America, Western Europe LPC2000, LPC3000
Contact information
Address 3150 Richards Road
Suite 210
Bellevue, WA 98005
E-Mail sales@adeneo-embedded.com
Phone +1 (858) 309-8007
+1 (425) 818-1911
Web www.adeneo-embedded.com
Adeneo Embedded provides system integration, design, support and training services to companies seeking world-class expertise in embedded solutions using high-performance architectures. For over 10 years, Adeneo Embedded has helped clients in all stages of development create profitable, feature-rich products that incorporate software and hardware solutions based on Windows Embedded, Windows Mobile, or Linux Embedded operating systems. Close partnerships with industry-leading silicon and software vendors allow Adeneo Embedded to apply its experience to a wide range of embedded solutions for the automotive, industrial, medical, multi-media, navigation, networking, mobile and wireless markets. Adeneo Embedded has a global sales and support network backed by engineering offices in North America and Europe.

Bob Halliday Consulting

Consultant Locations served Family
Bob Halliday Consulting North America LPC3000, LPC2000
Contact information
Address 18 Bertwell Road
Lexington, MA 02420
E-Mail bohalliday@aol.com
Phone +1 (781) 863-8245
+1 (781) 864-5893
Web www.RobertLHalliday.net
Bob Halliday is a seasoned developer of embedded software for a variety of Medical Electonic Products, Industrial Controls, Telecommunications, and Consumer Electronic Products. Past clients have included EMC, Bose, Parker Brothers Toys, Gillette, Thermo Electron, Johnson & Johnson, Abbott Labs, and Baxter Labs. In addition to generating complex code in very short time frames, Bob is also proficient at the development of technical specifications.

Circomm Technologies Ltd

Consultant Locations served Family
Circomm Technologies Ltd North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East LPC2000, LPC3000, LPC800, LPC1700, LPC1000, LPC4000
Contact information
Address Circomm Technologies Ltd
12 Nitzan st Or-Yehuda 60205
E-Mail info@circomm-tech.com
Phone +972 737268471
Mobile: +972 544290057
Web www.circomm-tech.com
Circomm Technologies provide the following services :

1) Electronic hardware Design & development (Embedded, RF, FPGA, microcontroller, microprocessor, DSP)
2) Embedded Software design & development (Embedded, PC , Android, IOS)
3) Mechanical design(PCB, Wiring , Plastic , Metal).
4) whole Product design and manufacturing turn-key(PCBA)
5) PCB manufacturing services

Circomm Technologies have worked with almost all NXP microcontrollers, and provide design services in almost any field. Examples: Medical, Power, consumer, Industrial, Military

CoActionOS, Inc 

Consultant Locations served Family
CoActionsOS, Inc North America


Contact information

Tyler Gilbert
2150 S 1300 E Suite 500
Salt Lake City, UT 84106 USA

E-Mail tgil@coactionos
Phone  (801)410-0234
Web www.coactionos.com
CoActionOS, Inc designs
microcomputers: integrated embedded hardware and software with a feature-rich real-time operating system (RTOS). These microcomputers enable engineers, hobbyists, and students to rapidly develop embedded systems.

Device Solutions Inc

Consultant Locations served Family
Device Soultions Inc North America

LPC4000 LPC3000 LPC2000 LPC1000 LPC900 LPC700 LH7 LH7A

Contact information

Bob Witter
1010 Copeland Oaks Drive
Morrisville, NC 27560

E-Mail bob.witter@device-solutions.com
Phone  (919)732-7872 x 701
Web www.device-solutions.com
Founded in 2003, Located in Morrisville, NC just outside the Research Triangle Park. Core expertise in the design and development of hardware, embedded sofware and project management of wireless devices. Experienced with the development of medical devices. Quality partner relationships in business analysis, mechanical engineering, CAD, and contract manufacturing, allow us to provide turn-key solutions when necessary.

Diolan LTD

Consultant Locations served Family
Diolan Ltd Eastern Europe, Middle East

LPC4000 LPC4300

Contact information

Dmitry Kulik
PO Box 652
Rehovot, 76106

E-Mail dmitry@diolan.com
Phone  +972-526737505
Web www.diolan.com

Diolan is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of PC-12C/SPI/GPIO interface adapters and development (evaluation) boards. Our solutions enabled unlimited possibilities for our customers to lead the markets they serve by creating products that are more powerful, lower cost, faster time to market, and more versatile than ever before. For additional info please refer to http://www.diolan.com/common/contact.html web page.

DSP Concepts

Consultant Locations served Family
DSP Concepts, LLC North America, India LPC4000
Contact information

Paul Beckman
924 Mackenzie Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

E-Mail  pbeckman@dspconcepts.com
Phone  (650)867-8931
Web www.dspconcepts.com
DSP concepts is a leading supplier of embedded audio processing technology and design services. DSP Concepts was established in 2003 and supports customers worldwide from our facilities in the US and India.

Embedded Artists AB

Consultant Locations served Family
Embedded Artists AB Worldwide All
Contact information
Address Embedded Artists AB
Davidshallsgatan 16 21145 Malmö Sweden
E-Mail info@embeddedartists.com
Phone +46 (0)406110093
Fax: +46 (0)406110093
Web www.embeddedartists.com
Products: Evaluation and OEM boards Embedded Artists' complete line of QuickStart, Evaluation, and OEM boards helps engineers focus on their value-added applications. Embedded Artists' products and designs are used in more than 70 countries all over the world. More than 60 top Universities around the world use Embedded Artists' boards. Widest range of products on the market supporting the LPC1000, LPC2000, LPC3000, and LPC4000 product families.

Applications: Automotive/Transport, Industrial, Power, Process Control, Security, Telecom, Consumer, White Goods Embedded Artists specializes in solutions based on the ARM architecture. Real-Time Operating Systems, Embedded Linux, Embedded Java, and wireless communication are disciplines Embedded Artists is very experienced in.

Fen Technology Limited

Consultant Locations served Family
Fen Technology Limited Western Europe LPC1000, LPC2000, LPC3000, LPC4000
Contact information
Address Ciaran McAleer
4 Oakington Business Park
Dry Drayton Road
CB24 3DQ
United Kingdom
E-Mail ciaran.mcaleer@fentechnology.co.uk
Phone +44 (0) 1223-236262
+44 (0) 1223-236677
Web www.fentechnology.co.uk
Fen Technology Ltd. is a design services business located just outside Cambridge, UK. We have built a reputation for a 'can do' approach and are enjoying a high level of repeat business. All our staff are multi-disciplined, with a range of skills covering software, hardware and FPGAs.

Future Designs, Inc.

Consultant Locations served Family
Future Designs, Inc. World wide LPC700, LPC900, LPC1000, LPC2000, LPC3000, LPC4000
Contact information
Address Kent Lowman
Future Designs, Inc.
996 A Cleaner Way SW
Huntsville, AL 35805
E-Mail support@teamfdi.com
Phone +1 (256) 883-1240
+1 (256) 883-1241
Web www.teamfdi.com

Future Designs, Inc. is a full service design and production company with hardware, software, mechanical and system level expertise and a 25 year history of proven success. Our uEZ™ GUI Family of products for Touch Screen LCD GUI and HMI provides an “Off The Shelf” solution that allows customers to quickly and cost effectively upgrade their User Interfaces. Products are available with LCD’s from 3.5” to 10.4”, resistive touch and PCAP options.

FDI has a successful 20 year relationship with NXP as both a Development Tools Partner and a Design Consultant, and we also work closely with distribution channel partners like Avnet and Digi-Key. One example of this is our uEZ® GUI Family of integrated solutions for Touch Screen LCD Graphical User Interfaces. uEZ® GUI provides an "Off The Shelf" solution that allows customers to quickly and cost effectively upgrade their User Interface to meet today’s market requirements.
FDI has a proven 25 year history of successful product design and manufacturing. Please visit our website at www.teamfdi.com or give us a call to find out how we can help make your product a success or email us at sales@teamfdi.com.

Inodigm Engineering, LLC

Consultant Locations served Family
Inodigm Engineering North America LPC4xxx, LPC11xx/8xx, 8051
Contact information
Address Andrew Shepard
3710 El Ricon Way
Sacramento, CA 95864
E-Mail ashepard@inodigm.com
Phone +1 (916) 335 5912
Web www.inodigm.com

With over 30 years of experience, Inodigm provides computer engineering design services. This includes embedded software development such as low power portable devices, bare-metal board and chip bringup, device driver and applications development, and systems engineering. Market experience includes Medical, Consumer and Defense. Located near Silicon Valley.

Software Expertise (application and device driver):
(1) NXP microcontrollers/ARM architecture
(2) Low-power portable devices
(3) 802.11a/b/g/n/i Wifi wireless and wired networking
(4) WPA, WPA2 and AES
(5) SPI, I2C, UART, Ethernet, USB, GPIO, Flash, SPIFI, DMA, ADC, CAN, DAC

(1) Board and chip debug and bringup

(1) C, C++, Java, Assembly

Micromint USA

Consultant Locations served Family
Micromint USA North America

LPC4000 LPC1000

Contact information

Jesus Alvarez
111 Commerce St
Lake Mary, FL USA

E-Mail jalvarez@micromint.com
Phone  (407)333-4799
Web www.micromint.com
Founded in 1979, Micromint is a leading supplier of single-board computers and industrial embedded controllers to the worldwide OEM market with a significant installed base. Over the past 4 years we have concentrated on ARM microcontroller designs with particular emphasis in the Cortex-M, ARM9 and Cortex-A cores. Micromint offers both general purpose ARM SBCs as well as custom design for OEMs. We can also provide turnkey manufacturing for our designs both in prototype and production quantities.

Micron Engineering

Consultant Locations served Family
Micron Engineering Western Europe LPC1000, LPC2000
Contact information
Address Massimo Manca
Via della Ferriera, 48
33170 Pordenone
E-Mail massimo.manca@micronengineering.it
Phone +39 0434 185-6131
+39 (0) 434 185-1032
Web www.micronengineering.it
Development of electronics, firmware, and software; specializing in embedded markets, process control, cable communications, and big displays (e.g moving signs for highways and city information).

Micro's and More

Consultant Locations served Family
Micro's and More China, Western Europe LPC2000 LPC3000 LPC1300 LPC1700 LPC1000 LPC4000
Contact information
Address Mr. Maarten Stottelaar
Middachtenstraat 34
NL-7131BC Lichtenvoorde
Web www.microsandmore.nl
Micro's and More is an expert in developing embedded software for various applications. Expertise is available for many embedded platforms and networking technologies like CAN and RF. Micro's and More can be at your service developing complete hard- and software solutions, but also for software development on existing hardware. Many years of experience and a flexible attitude result in a fast development process.

SoftwareFlair, Inc.

Consultant Locations served Family
SoftwareFlair, Inc. North America LPC3000, LPC2000
Contact information
Address Floyd Goldstein
17720 Retrac Way
Grass Valley, CA 95949
E-Mail floydg@softwareflair.com
Phone +1 (530) 268-3809
+1 (530) 268-8361
Web www.softwareflair.com
As a leader in software and hardware development, we provide turn-key solutions, taking products from conception through final phase of production, and then release.

Combined, our team has over 60 years experience in project management and software/hardware development for the electronics industry. We can create devices for professional audio/video, electro-optics, consumer, and biomedical products.

Tecnologix S.R.L.

Consultant Locations served Family
Technologix S.R.L. Western Europe

LPC3000 LPC2000 LPC1000 LPC900 LPC700 LH7 LH7A 80C51 XA

Contact information

Bruno Coppi
Via Dei Biancospini 6
Milano MI 20146

E-Mail bruno.coppi@tecnologix.it
Phone  +39 02 48954230
Web www.tecnologix.it

Embedded systems developers since 1990; deep experience in distributed automation systems and controls.

Tentmaker Systems

Consultant Locations served Family
Tentmaker Systems North America, India  
Contact information
Address Neil Mammen
8321 Willow Glen PO
San Jose, CA 95155-8321
E-Mail neil@tentmakersystems.com
Phone +1 (408) 426-8481
Web www.tentmakersystems.com
Consulting company with expertise in PCIexpress, FPGAs, Board Design, and Layout. We also have experts in Networking and Digital Video. Experienced in ASIC verification in FPGAs.

R O SoftWare

Consultant Locations served Family
R O SoftWare North America LPC1000, LPC2000
Contact information
Address Bill Knight
380 Shady Hollow
New Braunfels, TX 78132-2314
E-Mail BillK@rosw.com
Phone +1 (214) 282-7679
Started in 1984, R O SoftWare specializes in embedded systems development. Some of our most recent ARM projects include the firmware for numerous RFID readers, a robotic arm controller, and the total design and implementation of several ARM evaluation boards.

Verus Logic, Inc.

Consultant Locations served Family
Verus Logic, Inc. North America LPC1000
Contact information
Address Michael Farnet
15621 W. 87th Street Pkwy. #204
Lenexa, KS 66219
Phone +1 (913) 406-2594
Web www.veruslogic.com
Verus Logic, Inc. is a developer of microcontroller systems for the life sciences market.  Our core competencies are stepper controllers/drives for pumps and sample handling, Chromatography detectors, heater control, and Graphical user interfaces.  We develop custom firmware, middleware, and hardware for our customers.  We have over 20 years’ experience with statutory requirements from the FCC, UL, CSA, and CE.

XscapeEz Ltd.

Consultant Locations served Family
XscapeEz Ltd. Australia, North America, South America, Western Europe LPC2000
Contact information
Address 352 N. Main St.
Cloverdale, IN 46120
E-Mail sales@XscapeEz.com
Phone +1 (765) 795-3319
+1 (765) 795-6535
Web www.XscapeEz.com
XscapeEz Ltd. is a full service electrical and computer engineering firm who focuses on embedded systems development, embedded network designs, CAN and J1939 network design, sensor systems, data acquisition, and end of line test systems. With over 50 years of experience designing and delivering quality solutions to difficult problems, XscapeEz is where technology and experience work together.



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