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Welcome to the LPCZone. The LPCZone is NXP Semiconductor's online area dedicated to developers using our LPC families of microcontrollers.


Check out the online technical support community for LPC products for embedded engineers.
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The NXP LPC microcontroller team is constantly at work to provide users with up to date information on the latest news, events, and product information about the LPC portfolio. Here's a quick snapshot of the latest LPC updates from the LPCZone:

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updated Dec 19, 2013.

Product portfolio overview

NXP's LPC microcontrollers let you maximize the potential of any embedded application. Whether you're looking for a cost-effective upgrade for an existing 8/16-bit design or you're working on a high-end system that needs maximum speed or computational performance, we have exactly what you need.


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To help find the right product or discover the most up-to-date innovations amongst our portfolio simpler, NXP Microcontrollers has a number of ongoing online promotions. Click on the CAMPAIGNS tab above and take a look for yourself and see how you can benefit from the various sample, demonstration board and webinar offers available.

Featured Content

Check out the latest LPC microcontroller: the LPC800 based on the Cortex-M0+. Designed for 8-bit simplicity but with 32-bit versatility, the LPC800 has flexible peripherals to address 8-bit application requirements in a scalable, efficient, and easy to use package. Go here for more information.

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