Wireless Connectivity TechZone

Welcome to the Wireless Connectivity TechZone

Welcome to the Wireless Connectivity TechZone

The online portal for the information required to design and develop low-power wireless networks.


  • September 2015ZigBee 3.0 page added to the NXP Wireless Connectivity TechZone and a ZigBee 3.0 article issued.

  • July 2015 – IEEE802.15.4 resources updated to support the new JN5169 wireless microcontroller.

  • July 2015 – NXP JN516x-EK003 ZigBee RF4CE Evaluation Kit added to support ZigBee Remote Control application development.

  • May 2015 – ZigBee Light Link and Home Automation resources combined into a single SDK (JN-SW-4168) for use with BeyondStudio for NXP and including support for the JN5169 wireless microcontroller.

  • March 2015 – NXP announce the new extended range JN5169 wireless microcontroller with +10dBm output power and 512kB on-chip Flash memory. For more details, refer to the press release.

  • February 2015JenNet-IP resources updated to JenNet-IP 1.2 for use with BeyondStudio for NXP.

  • January 2015 – BeyondStudio for NXP IDE (JN-SW-4141) released and available for selected stacks. For more details, refer to the press release.

  • January 2015 IEEE802.15.4 resources updated for use with BeyondStudio for NXP.


  • ZigBee / JenNet-IP Development Kit for the Interne...

    youtube video

    ZigBee / JenNet-IP Development Kit for the Internet of Things (NXP JN516x-EK001)

Welcome to the Wireless Connectivity TechZone

Our state-of-the-art JN51xx wireless microcontrollers place us at the forefront of developments in wireless technology. They provide the basis for cutting-edge wireless networking solutions in a diverse range of fields, including Smart Energy, Smart Lighting and the 'Internet of Things'. The JN51xx microcontrollers provide the optimum hardware platform for wireless network nodes, integrating a high-performance CPU and a 2.4-GHz radio transceiver on a single chip targeted at IEEE802.15.4-based solutions. This hardware is complemented by comprehensive support software (based on established networking protocols such as JenNet-IP, ZigBee Smart Energy, ZigBee Home Automation, ZigBee Light Link and ZigBee Remote Control) and other collateral to streamline product development and minimise time-to-market. Whatever your wireless networking needs, we would be delighted to talk to you about the microcontroller and networking protocol that provide the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for your particular product.

Product Portfolio

Our wireless network offering includes:

  • JN51xx chips: Our current range of wireless microcontrollers is the JN516x family
  • JN5168 modules: Modules featuring a JN5168 wireless microcontroller, with a range of power and antenna options
  • Evaluation kit: Off-the-shelf development kit containing carrier boards, expansion boards and JN5168 modules with a pre-loaded demonstration
  • Protocol stacks: A selection of wireless network protocol stacks, suitable for a wide range of application areas, provided in Software Developer’s Kits (SDKs)
  • Support: Extensive support resources including software, documentation, application notes and reference designs

Supported Protocols

Our JN51xx product infrastructure supports the development of wireless network solutions based on a number of protocols, all built on the IEEE802.15.4 standard – these include:

  • IEEE802.15.4
  • JenNet-IP
  • Smart Energy application profile for ZigBee PRO
  • Home Automation application profile for ZigBee PRO
  • ZigBee Light Link application profile for ZigBee PRO
  • ZigBee Remote Control (RF4CE)

For more information on the above protocols, refer to the tabs IEEE802.15.4, JenNet-IP, Smart Energy, Home Automation, Light Link and Remote Control.

NXP is an active member of the ZigBee Alliance.



JN5169 Wireless Microcontroller Product Brief...




JN516x wireless microcontrollers and modules produ...




NXP evaluation kit JN516x-EK001...




NXP JN516x-EK003 ZigBee RF4CE evaluation kit...


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