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Timesys is a pioneer and industry leader in providing embedded Linux solutions. The company is committed to providing embedded Linux offerings that include a software repository and easy-to-use development tools, world-class support, professional services and customized training to embedded developers targeting Linux as their go-to-market platform. Timesys is the provider of LinuxLink, an end-to-end workflow utilizing open source components such as Makefiles and Yocto Project build environments, Eclipse-based and other GNU tools, and a framework in which to efficiently work and collaborate. LinuxLink supports many Freescale processors including i.MX and Vybrid and enables developers to build, debug, deploy and maintain applications that leverage the features of Freescale processors. Timesys’ solutions have been used globally in markets that include medical, automotive, telecommunications/networking, industrial control/process automation, military/aerospace and consumer electronics.

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Timesys  Recommended Solutions

Offering Type Description Supported NXP Solutions
Run-time Software: Operating System Software
LINUXLINK Operating Systems An end-to-end workflow for embedded Linux platform and application development. It features: an innovative build system; pre-tested software; a robust suite of development tools; and a framework in which to efficiently work and collaborate.
Operating System:Linux,Yocto,Linux-Ubuntu,MQX,Linux-NXP
Software Development Tools
MQX Linux Installer Software Development Kits MQX Linux Installer for Vybrid Controller Solutions
Operating System:Linux-Ubuntu
TIMESTORM IDE - Debug, Compile and Build Tools An Eclipse based IDE that simplifies embedded Linux application development. Provides app developers with a toolset that expertly handles cross-compiling and remote debugging and includes support for profiling, testing and memory leak detection.
Operating System:Linux-Ubuntu
Software and Systems Integrator (SSI)
Android Design & Development Services All aspects of Android product design including analysis of product requirements and making recommendations, setup and configuration of the Android dev environment, BSP creation and board bring up, port of Linux kernel to custom hardware, and more.
Operating System:Android / Linux,Linux-NXP,Linux
Camera / IPU Services Camera interface development services include integration of MPI video cameras, USB camera encoding & decoding, device driver modifications, integration of hardware acceleration into streaming, audio video pipeline, support for H.264, and more.

Boot Time Optimization / Fast Boot Service We can analyze your product requirements and provide recommendations for reducing your system boot time, and/or we can perform boot time optimizations using open source technologies or a commercial solution that can enable extremely fast boot times.
Operating System:Linux-NXP,MQX,Linux,Yocto
Board Bring Up Services Extensive expertise with custom board bring up. Board bring up services range from setting up and booting the board from NAND, SD card, emcc, etc., to setting up the kernel and optimizing for various devices and peripherals.
Operating System:Linux-NXP,Linux-Ubuntu,MQX,Linux,Yocto
Embedded Linux Jump Start Service Begins with a review of your project and your mini goal(s). A Timesys engineer will work with your engineer(s) for two days to set up the dev environment, help bring up the dev kit, and provide customized training based on your app requirements.
Operating System:Linux-NXP,MQX,Linux,Yocto
Live In-depth Training
Building Your Next Custom Product with the Yocto Project Framework (YP202) Focus on the Yocto Project build process and customizations using the Yocto Project framework, adding custom HW definitions, customizing the Linux software stack, application development kits (ADKs), team collaboration and integrating with CRMs.
Operating System:Linux,Linux-NXP,MQX,Yocto
Developing Applications on Linux (EL202) Advanced training in the design, development, debugging, profiling, testing, performance measurement and optimization of embedded Linux apps using Timesys’ TimeStorm IDE. Includes detailed memory management approaches and deployment considerations.
Operating System:Linux,Linux-NXP,MQX,Yocto
Developing Linux Device Drivers (EL306) Advanced training in the development of device drivers. Covers embedded Linux device driver development and key device driver subsystems including relatively slow I/O interconnects (I2C, SPI, USB) as well as high-speed interfaces (USB 3.0, PCIe).
Operating System:Linux,Linux-NXP,MQX
Introduction to Embedded Linux (EL201) Designed to enable an understanding of the concepts and best practices behind embedded Linux development. Through discussion, theory and hands-on labs, this course guides attendees through the process of developing embedded Linux based devices.
Operating System:Linux,Linux-NXP,MQX,Yocto
Kernel Internals & Debugging (EL307) Overview of Linux OS and kernel architecture. Focuses on Linux kernel customizations & debugging, Linux boot process, interfacing with the Linux kernel & Linux device drivers as well as build, authoring and debug tools, source code management (SCM).
Operating System:Linux,Linux-NXP,MQX,Yocto
Optimizing Your Design for Fast Boot (EL411) Demonstrates methods & tools for testing, performance optimization and system deployment of embedded Linux applications. Details memory management approaches for embedded systems and deployment considerations for embedded Linux applications software.
Operating System:Linux,Linux-NXP,MQX

Company Information

Company Headquarters
1905 Boulevard of the Allies
United States
Primary Contact
Theresa  Kisha
Member Since
April 2003
Element 14

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