InnoComm Mobile Technology Corp.: NXP Partner

Founded in 2008, InnoComm Mobile Technology Corp. has operated based on the principles of providing its customers the best solution in today’s market looking into the future and helping them to stay competitive in the fast-changing wireless world. The management and the R&D team has vast experience in the wireless world with average industry experience of 10 years. This enables us to engage with customers with a simple and painless process to accomplish each project on time and within budget. No matter if a customer is a veteran in the wireless industry or a new comer, we have flexible business models to suit every customer’s needs.

InnoComm Mobile Technology Corp. Recommended Solutions

Offering Type Description Supported NXP Solutions
Original Design Manufacturer (ODM)
iMX6 Embedded Board Design Service Customized board design for i.MX 6 Solo/Dual/Quad series which can be serve as a i.MX 6 development platform and eventually to be an end product.

Independent Design House (IDH)
Software Engineering Service Our service can cover both BSP customization and driver porting service. InnoComm's BSP helps our clients to deliver a complete and reliable platform on top of target device.
Operating System:Linux-NXP,Linux-other,Linux-Ubuntu,Android

Company Information

Company Headquarters
3F, No.6, HsinChu Science Park
HsinAnn Road,
Hsinchu City
Primary Contact
Gavin  Chen
Member Since
September 2014

Regions Served Directly

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