KITMPVZ5004EVK :Part Detail

General Information

Part NumberKITMPVZ5004EVK
DescriptionPressure Sensor, Dev Kit
Product LineDOOOOO13
Material TypeHardware
Life Cycle Description (code)PRODUCT NEWLY INTRO D/RAMP-UP

Package Information

Package Type and Termination CountHardware Only
Package Description and Mechanical DrawingHardware Only
Tape & ReelNo

Ordering Information

Minimum Package Quantity (MPQ)1
MPQ ContainerEACH
Exempt from Minimum Delivery ValueYes
Preferred Order Quantity (POQ)1
POQ ContainerEACH
Export Control Classification Number (US)EAR99
Harmonized Tariff (US) Disclaimer8473.30.1180
CCATS Document-
ENC Status-
Other Trade Compliance Documents-
Budgetary Price excluding tax(US$)
Change Currency
1 @ US$12.00 each
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Operating Characteristics

Sample Exception Availability N