AFIC901NT1 :Part Detail

General Information

Part NumberAFIC901NT1
DescriptionAirfast RF LDMOS Wideband Integrated Power Amplifier, 1.8-1000 MHz, 30 dBm, 7.5 V
Product LineGIC901
Material TypeTested Packaged Device
Life Cycle Description (code)PRODUCT RAPID GROWTH
Application/Qualification Tier10-YEARS APPLICATION LIFE

Package Information

Package Type and Termination CountQFN-EP 17
Package Description and Mechanical DrawingQFN 4X4X0.85 24 I/O, SAW
Device Weight(g)0.04650
Package Length (nominal)(mm)4.000
Package Width (nominal)(mm)4.000
Package Thickness (nominal)(mm)0.700
Tape & ReelYes

Environmental and Compliance Information

RoHS Compliant
Halogen Free Yes
Material Composition Declaration (MCD)Download MCD Report Download MCD Report      Download MCD Report
RoHS Certificate of Analysis (CoA)Contact Us
2nd Level Interconnecte3
Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL)3
Floor Life168 HOURS
Peak Package Body Temperature (PPT)(°C)260
Maximum Time at Peak Temperature (s)40
Number of Reflow Cycles3
UL94 (plastics flammability test)V0;Burning stops within 10 seconds on a vertical specimen;no drips allowed

Manufacturing Information

Micron Size(μm).37

Ordering Information

Minimum Package Quantity (MPQ)1000
MPQ ContainerREEL
Exempt from Minimum Delivery ValueYes
Preferred Order Quantity (POQ)1000
POQ ContainerBOX
Export Control Classification Number (US)EAR99
Harmonized Tariff (US) Disclaimer8542.33.0000
CCATS Document-
ENC Status-
Other Trade Compliance Documents-
Budgetary Price excluding tax(US$)
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Operating Characteristics

Class AB
Die Technology LDMOS
Efficiency (Typ) (%) 73
Frequency (Min) (MHz) 1.8
Frequency Band (Min-Max) (MHz) 1.8 to 1000
Frequency Max (Max) (MHz) 1000
Matching Unmatched
Output Power (Typ) (W) @ Intermodulation Level at Test Signal 1 @ CW
P1dB (Typ) (dBm) 30
P1dB (Typ) (W) 1
P3dB (Typ) (W) 2.1
Power Gain (Typ) (dB) @ f (MHz) 31.2 @ 520
Sample Exception Availability Y
Supply Voltage (Typ) (V) 7.5
Test Signal CW
Thermal Resistance (Spec) 9.4