NXP® wins Gallup “Great Workplace” Award

In April 2015, NXP received official confirmation that we won the coveted “Great Workplace Award” from global analytics leader Gallup.

The Award is presented to companies who show a great commitment to employees, to building a culture where employees feel recognized and valued. This is measured through Engagement, which NXP focusses on during 12 months a year, and is yearly assessed through the Employees Engagement Survey.

Gallup stated: “The world's top-performing companies help lead the global economy by engaging their workforces. These companies understand that employee engagement is a force that drives real business outcomes. The Gallup Great Workplace Award was created to recognize organizations worldwide for their extraordinary ability to create an engaged workplace across teams, departments and locations.”

NXP is proud to be called a Great Workplace, and sees the Award as outside confirmation of our many strengths as an organization.

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