NXP is committed to the prevention of pollution and conservation of the earth’s natural resources. NXP does this through the development of sustainable products, materials, and manufacturing processes. We drive continual improvement of our processes to protect the environment by designing, implementing and maintaining a management system and programs to achieve our objectives. We also require that our contractors and suppliers adopt prudent environmental principles and practices. We are working to be an industry leader in reducing, reusing, and recycling waste.

In 2018, our Environment and Facilities team collaborated and made significant improvements to our products, materials and manufacturing processes. These projects are strongly supported by the management team.

NXP has not recorded any significant spills, fines or sanctions in connection with non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations in 2018.

On the following pages, you’ll find more information about how we handle important environmental topics, including global warming; energy, water, and waste; and materials. We also share how our products are designed to be more sustainable. Specific data can be found in the interactive charts tool.

Corporate Environment

Corporate Environment Health and Safety

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