Kinetis® MCUs: Powering the world-class Loki – A smart Wi-Fi meat thermometer

By leveraging Kinetis MCUs, The Loki smart Wi-Fi meat thermometer is able to track up to eight independent temperature sensors and send notifications to a Loki app running on an iOS or Android mobile device.


Create an IoT device that adds a new level of intelligence to a meat thermometer, allowing it to monitor internal and ambient temperatures as cooking progresses and push out information to a mobile device over the cloud.


Loki incorporates the Kinetis KL16 MCU, efficient NXP® logic controlled high-speed power switches, protection circuits and interface management solutions to manage communication all the way from the tip of the temperature probe in any grill, oven or smoker to its destination in the Loki mobile app.


Loki makes cooking meat to perfection easy and convenient. ‘Set it and forget it’ until your preset target temperature is reached. No checking and double checking. You’re free to watch the game or entertain friends without worry. Loki features both notification and real-time monitoring through the Loki mobile app.

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