MCUs Power Mobile-Accessible Blood Glucose Meter to Help Ease the Burden on Diabetics

Dnurse Case Study

By leveraging the latest technology, the Dnurse smart handset blood glucose meter, together with the Dnurse app and the cloud, provide diabetics the freedom to track and analyze their condition from almost anywhere.


To move beyond traditional outdated, nonintegrated diabetes management systems and design a lasting mobile-accessible system with a comprehensive suite of healthcare applications.


Dnurse uses the Kinetis KL05 MCU for the perfect balance between functionality and low-power consumption. The Kinetis KL05 MCU is optimized for both static and dynamic currents, while maintaining outstanding processing performance. This device simultaneously provides a broad selection of on-chip flash memory densities together with extensive analog, connectivity and HMI peripherals.


Traditionally, commercially available blood glucose monitors have been independent devices requiring diabetics to carry yet another battery powered electronic device in addition to their smartphone. Now, powered by the Kinetis KL05 MCU, Dnurse is able to offer a mobile device that can connect to smartphones via an earphone socket, eliminating the need for a standalone blood glucose monitor. The innovative Dnurse device is a full featured blood glucose monitor that uses the processing power and the high resolution graphic display of smartphones, while keeping size, weight and additional power consumption to a minimum.

Dnurse Blood Glucose Monitor

To develop the Dnurse, we needed to find an MCU capable of processing information quickly with low-power consumption, something the available 8/16-bit MCUs were unable to provide. Just when we thought we were not going to be able to find what we needed, we discovered the Kinetis KL05 MCU, which was perfect for our requirements on both counts: processing speed and low-power consumption...”

– Brent Zheng, Beijing Dnurse Technology Chief Technology Officer