NXP® and Allure Energy: Home Energy Management Made Easy

Allure Energy

Allure Energy’s EverSense platform is designed to efficiently manage a home’s energy usage with proximity control – sensing how near or far users are from their residence and automatically adjusting the environment to their preferences. Made possible by NXP technology, this unique platform makes it easy for consumers to sit back and save.


As government and utility companies across the world look to transform the power grid into a smart power grid, the challenge in home energy is to not only deploy smart, connected devices, but to develop consumer platforms that entice users to shape their behavior. Allure Energy needed to make controlling home energy simple, powerful, and easy for the user.


NXP designed the i.MX53 applications processor to meet Allure Energy's market requirement for high performance combined with low-power consumption to accommodate the existing 24VAC thermostat wiring used for the majority of installations. Combined with the ability to support 1080p multi-standard video playback and streaming music, it was the ideal choice to develop the EverSense platform.


The EverSense platform instantly and automatically adjusts based on lifestyle, schedule and comfort -- making energy consumption control an easy and natural part of daily life.

“NXP not only provided the right product mix of features with the i.MX53, but most importantly, they adhere to an eco-friendly environmental policy.”

– Jim Mills, Vice President of Business Development, Allure Energy