NXP® and Envirologger Enable Real-Time Environmental Monitoring


Envirologger designs, develops, manufactures and supports a range of environmental monitoring and data communication and management systems based on machine to machine (M2M) technology.


Build an IoT gateway that would allow real-time measurement of outdoor air quality, weather, traffic flow and noise. Provide two-way communication between connected monitors and sensors to allow clients to remotely manage network operations and diagnose problems online.


Envirologger utilized NXP technology to build an IoT gateway that allows the environment to be monitored and "pushes" data in real-time to any connected PC, tablet or smartphone over secure internet connections. The data is delivered via a web portal or cloud based infrastructure that allows customers and government entities to implement policies to improve the wellbeing, security and safety of their citizens. Envirologger's new designs of the gateway will feature NXP's QorIQ LS1020 processor and Kinetis MCUs in the wireless sensor nodes.


With monitoring information stored in the 'cloud', users are able to provide information to an enormous number of people, which massively increases the value of the data. This approach provides an opportunity to reduce costs and site visits while maximizing data capture and quality. Because the gateway is compatible with most manufacturer's data outputs, organizations can connect multiple monitor types and the system will collect the data and convert it into standard open format, allowing OEMs to interface with software packages of their choice.

“We were sold on NXP’s excellent collaboration and pleased with the ease of use of the product out of the box”

–Jim Mills, Envirologger